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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BroFarOps News : Is 1

Welcome viewers to BroFarOps® ... We openned shop back in March 2010 and we are now located on 20 plus storefronts and 500 plus affiliate programs globally. We have or are partners with 5 hosting companies in the United States and abroad. We oversee 3 search engines and more to establish. In our early development Some familiar names are eBay, etsy, Amazon, Clickbank, epier, alibaba, Salehoo, Doba, PayPal, AlertPay, AffiliateSeekers, TopSites, CreditCardSystem, TouchStone, Acme, SBI, SFI, and many many more ... We are new and expanding as publishers, advertizers, and marketers, affiliates, associates, partners, developers, resellers, site administrators, as well as buyers and sellers of small and large businesses ... IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WEBSITE business PROGRAM OR WANT TO JOIN ONE OF OURS CONTACT US ... BroFarOps® ~ R. L. BROWN FARLEY, esq.