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Friday, December 9, 2011

BroFarOps Newz 12/11

Its been some time since we wrote our newsletter... We have gone through many changes. We started out with our Financial Services at Then designed which we outgrew quickly,,, so we decided to end their services. We added only to find yet a better travel booking. We also added a event ticket portal and a phonebook directory. We also included several shopping services. We also recently added our own SEO/SEM services. Which we are continuously updating and or upgrading. Also as you may have noticed we have new banners and buttons. As our businesses grow we look forward to serving you. We always invite your feedback at - dr.R.L.B.F. Go.To/BroFarOps

Friday, June 10, 2011

BroFarOps Travel Club

Hey, let me start out with a great big THANK YOU from BroFarOps. We just had a terrific month after the launch of our travel site. We added two sales portals of EVENT TICKETS and man did you all buy or what. My site hits went crazy and we didn't even say anything. Again, THANK YOU !!! Keep coming to By the way, during the summer months you can get some really great discounts. If you haven't been to my site please come check it out.
We offer personal services from customized debit cards & credit cards from well known financial institutions, and merchant cards from thousands to payday loans, student loans, and mortgages ... But don't stop there because we also are affiliated with some of the best known travel reservations service providers. Book your flight, get your hotel arrangements, and set up your rental cars as well search for great deals while away and at home via our SuperPages. Why not go to a sporting event, or concert, or follow your favorite event or artist venue ...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

BroFarOps News v4

First off Happy M-day to all

Hey BroFarOps just launched our new site BroFarOps Travel club at where you can get a great deal on a getaway flight, hotel, and car rental. When you all said that you wanted to travel we answered....

We also added the largest yellowpages on the web, SuperPages. We believed you would want to look up a favorite restaurant and then follow up with an event. Now you can use this at home or while on the go.

Hey this is also meant to help you lodge those out of town guest too. Find them a place to lodge and a phonebook.

Let's also say you need a car fixed, home remodled, or whatever now you can look them up. I just used them to find a lawn mower repair business within 2 miles of my house. I know that once you try my SuperPages you will be hooked.

Remember BroFarOps for all your personal or financial services. Stop by today BroFarOps Financial Services BroFarOps Diversified Services and now BroFarOps Travel Club .

Monday, April 25, 2011

BroFarOps Review

We at BroFarOps want to review your site and/or program for free.

Based on our findings we will put our review in our newsletter:
and may be featured on:

We only ask that you add a backlink to our site

Dr. Robert BrownFarley,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Do you need an opportunity to face you head on before you take action? Are you self motivated but don't know where to begin? How about becoming an affiliate of one of the fastest growing companies todate? My company along with others are seeking you and your circle of friends to help us market our goods and services. I myself know that I have real services that make me a nice income and my additional services and products are multiple streams of income. I was laidoff back in 2008 and for 18 months I drove myself crazy. In December 2009 I said enough is enough and on March 10th, 2010, I started BroFarOps Diversified as an affiliate marketing eBay and Amazon. Then I found etsy, which the sellers are selling handcrafted goods. Ofcourse I like so many of us around the web are also affiliates of clickbank. I didn't stop there though -and believe me when I say that it appears everyone wants you to buy a clickbank product. As stated I too sell clickbank products. But as I said above I didn't stop there as an affiliate I am also with epier, Doba, Salehoo, Sellcent, alibaba, and many, many more.( over a thousand ). Everything on my sites I am either an affiliate, an associate, a partner, or developer, or direct owner of. Not to many people on the web can say that. My point is that I would be happy to have you join my team and leave the unemployment line within 6 months as your own boss setting your own hours and working at your own pace. The moneytree is infront of you. & I invite you to look for yourself rather you are an old head affiliate or a newbie or anyone wanting to make an income on the web, and that's my challenge before you.
BroFarOps Diversified

BroFarOps News v4

Saturday, April 16, 2011

BroFarOps News v3

If you are looking to start your own ibiz go to BroFarops Financial Services...

Do you know people who want to save money while making money?

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Do you know people who want to take their family out, but decided to stay home and save money instead?

Do you know people who need extra money?

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Do you know people who are living from paycheck to paycheck?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you OWE it to yourself and your family and friends to CHECK MY PROGRAMS OUT!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

BroFarOps NEWS v2

Welcome again from BroFarOps ... We just launched our new site " BroFarOps Financial Services " In doing so we invite you to check us out ... We still are tweaking the site and Suggestions are respectful guidance toward our developement. We look forward to assisting in your financial whoa(s) ... We are also reviewing our up and coming, " BroFarOps, Cellphones for You " Partnering with TMI Wireless, OneSimCARD, 4-Cell-Phone, and we believe, PhoneCARD+ ... We are also looking at a one stop shop site for a complete domain + website + graphing design + customized logo, plus much more .