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Sunday, May 8, 2011

BroFarOps News v4

First off Happy M-day to all

Hey BroFarOps just launched our new site BroFarOps Travel club at where you can get a great deal on a getaway flight, hotel, and car rental. When you all said that you wanted to travel we answered....

We also added the largest yellowpages on the web, SuperPages. We believed you would want to look up a favorite restaurant and then follow up with an event. Now you can use this at home or while on the go.

Hey this is also meant to help you lodge those out of town guest too. Find them a place to lodge and a phonebook.

Let's also say you need a car fixed, home remodled, or whatever now you can look them up. I just used them to find a lawn mower repair business within 2 miles of my house. I know that once you try my SuperPages you will be hooked.

Remember BroFarOps for all your personal or financial services. Stop by today BroFarOps Financial Services BroFarOps Diversified Services and now BroFarOps Travel Club .